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The benefits and also materials of plastic jewelry box

A plastic jewelry box is commonly utilized, it is a box made of PVC/PET/PP/ PS, etc. It has the characteristics of enhancing customer experience, long-term and also long lasting product packaging, moisture-proof and water-proof, high strength, strong transportation security performance, and also enhanced product high quality. In addition to cardboard precious jewelry boxes, a lot of the boxes we normally utilize are constructed from plastic fashion jewelry boxes, which are wrapped with textile and also look very textured.

Plastic jewelry boxes are made of artificial or all-natural polymer material as the primary product. After including ingredients, it has ductility under particular temperatures and also pressure as well as can be formed after cooling. The natural or synthetic polymer material particles remain in a molten state, and also the procedure in which the additive molecules are uniformly distributed about is called plasticization.

What are the advantages of plastic jewelry boxes?

1. It is easy to form, just need to replace the mold and mildew, you can get different selections of containers, easy to create automation.

2. The product packaging result is great, there are several varieties of published plastic boxes, easy to color, and also the shade is brilliant. Different types of packaging containers can be made according to needs to acquire the most effective product packaging impact.

3. It has good rust resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, effect resistance; and has good mechanical strength.

What materials are used in plastic precious jewelry boxes?

PVC, COMPUTER, PBT, ABS, and other products are utilized a lot more. The top notch abdominal plastic product is impact-resistant, immune to heat and reduced temperature level, and the jewelry box is thicker than the general box. There is likewise an anti-drop effect. Dustproof, anti-knock, anti-static.

The embryo body of the plastic jewelry box is made from plastic mold and mildew, and it is covered with paper or PU leather. This kind of product packaging looks a little premium, and the price is low and is usually used by some mid-end customers.

The benefits and also materials of plastic jewelry box

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